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Soil is a crucial component for growing marijuana.

Soil Enhancement Services

Soil is a crucial component for growing marijuana. Among the natural fertilizers we want to spotlight the products that improve and promote the microbial life of the soil, which we could call organic cultivation of microbes. A principles method of cultivation is that we do not feed the plant, but we feed instead the soil in which they grow. 

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Aside from increasing the amount of oxygen provided to a plant’s root system, we pay attention to the nutrients that will play a role in root health. A good fertilizer will usually contain the nutrients needed for healthy root growth. Microorganisms are associated with root enhancement and overall plant growth enhancement. Beneficial microorganisms supplement types of beneficial fungi and beneficial bacteria. Bacteria can be added to the soil or medium to break down organic matter, facilitate nutrient uptake, and add protection against pathogens. Bacteria can quickly colonize and expand rapidly in population.

The Business of Cannabis

Cannabis is  a high value crop that can be legally grown. Raising legal marijuana for sale to consumers has become a big business, not just for cultivators but also for firms that supply pesticides, fertilizers, and equipment to the industry.  


We are rehabilitating the 6 acre facility to accomplish our mission and goals to create the premium soil enhancement company of North America.


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